Hello everyone.


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Mar 3, 2007
My Dad finally received a brain scan yesterday!! After I virtually demanded one from his cpn and social worker! I simply think that if you break your leg, you have an x-ray so dad should have had this a long time ago. 'They' sometimes merrily leave you to get on with it and fathom most of it out for yourselves, when what many of us are is just scared. Dad performed as good as gold, despite the cpn asking ' do you think that honestly, he'd sit for it', i told her it was worth a try!!
Mum died 7 weeks ago now, so my sister and i are all dad has to fight his corner. He does understand what has happened and his grief is heartbreaking, however on most visits ( he's in a care home) we make he asks about her as if she's still here. It's very, very hard and I'm still coming to terms with the fact that this is dad now, there's no light at the end of the tunnel and no chrystal ball. Between us we just try and make things as good as they can be for him, but it's difficult when he's in one of his moods and nothing you do is right. Life is very heavy at the moment but i put a smile on the top of the message because, despite everything that's what we all have to try and do, keep smiling.....

Kate P

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Jul 6, 2007
Well done Jane for staying so positive and being so assertive in managing your dad's needs at what is a terrible time for you.

I admire you so much for being able to keep going (and adding smiles!!:) ) in the face of such difficulty.

Thinking of you.


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Feb 26, 2006
Hi Jane

Life is heavy but you seem to have the resiliance to see you through. Your Dad is lucky to have a daughter like you to fight his corner, as you say keep smiling.


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Jane,

I`m full of admiration for the way you`re taking on all this responsibility. I hope you hold your head high.

Love xx


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
Well done Jane,you have shown us that this can be dealt with with the right attitude.I believe that facing a problem is the hardest part,dealing with it may be a little harder.love eand best wishes and keep up the spitit.love elainex


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Apr 15, 2007
Dear Jane,
Life sure is challenging for you at the moment, I also admire your spirit. I know the difficult visits with your dad would not be easy for you and your sister, as grieving in itself is hard enough. I sincerely hope that things become easier for you. Smiles are contagious so keep smiling. Take Care. Taffy.


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Sep 13, 2007
hi jane, i just read your message and thought i would post a quick reply. i am caring for my dad who has alzheimers. my mum also has cancer and looks like she may not have long to go. your situation sounds like it will probably be my situation very soon and i just wanted to say that i hope when the time comes i can deal wth it as well as you seem to be. keep it up x robyn


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Mar 21, 2003
Between us we just try and make things as good as they can be for him
That is all you can do, but remember to look after yourself.

I agree with the smiles, they keep me going too.

Keep smiling and keep posting