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hello everyone


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Apr 2, 2007
ime a happy man :D from wales i want to now how :confused: do i talk to people on hear. ime only 50 years old i need to talk to people like me when my wife goes to work.


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Mar 12, 2007
Hello Happy Ray, I am a carer for a lady with AD who is just 10 years older than yourself, but is too far advanced now to learn how to use the computer. I only pop in here to chat from time to time myself.

Have you been onto YouTube? Its a good website which has lots of video's and people talking diaries, and might keep you occupied whilst your wife is at work.
I find lots of soundclips, and songs from different artists on this site as well as homemade items.

The beauty of the internet is that there are all sorts of ways to entertain ourselves, through a dull week.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hi Ray,

Welcome to Talking Point.

You don`t need instuctions on how to talk to people on Talking Point, you have done well just now, introducing yourself. But if there is anything you feel you need to know, just ask. Someone is nearly always on line.

We really would like more people with Alzheimers to log in to TP, so you are especially welcome. I hope you post often, I`m sure you will make a lot of friends here.

Most of the members are carers. I care for my husband.

There is a section for Younger people with Alzheimers, you will see it on the main Forum page. But you are welcome to the full site.

I am sorry you have been diagnosed at such a young age. My husband is 75.

I hope you become a regular on this site, it has helped me a lot and I know it has helped so many others.

Take care


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Apr 2, 2007
thank you all for answering me. as you can see ime a young age for having alzimers but ive had a long thought about it i just want to stay as happy as ive always been. i only have it mildley but it does affect a lot to do with my life. i still drive a car and dont work anymore as i cant walk far. it will be nice to talk to other people who care or look after other people or loved ones. its better to be out in the open about it rather than staying in closed doors. thank you :D


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Ray, and a welcome to TP from me.

You'll soon ger the hang of posting and answering posts, and you'll feel among friends.