hello everyone


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Apr 12, 2008
I have finally decided to register and post on Talking Point, after much lurking in the past few weeks. My dad had a stroke back in 2000 and was quite disabled by it. He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer during a stay in hospital last summer - he went in beacuse he suddenly became very confused and disorientated. The confusion never lifted, and after a short stay back in his home, he moved into a nursing home. We thought his confusion was related to the cancer but having spoken to his GP yesterday it seems they have made a 'working' diagnosis of multi-infarct (vascular?) dementia. He has just turned 63, fortunately he appears to have forgotten about the cancer.

Having read all your posts, his symptoms do ring lots of bells. It seems that now he gets muddled as to who I am - a classic conversation happened last Thursday:

Dad - Do you think your mother will mind about the age difference?

Me - I'm not sure what you mean, Dad :confused:

Dad - I thought she might get upset when I ask you to marry me - and you will say yes when I ask won't you? :eek:


I have never been his carer, but hope to share my experiences if it might help anyone. I have been through the Court of Protection procedure as Dad never set up any kind of power of attourney. While obviously no expert, my experience may be of use to others...

Anyway, hope to post more soon. Best wishes to all on Talking Point :)


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Aug 9, 2007
Hi Needssomecake


I love your user name. It describes how I feel right now!!

I remember these surreal conversations. Once had one with Mum on the phone

Mum: s is playing outside
Me: but I'm on the phone
Mum: yes, but you're playing outside. I'd better see where you've gone

End of conversation. You get used to being yourself and someone else too!




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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Hi Needsomecake
Your post sounded so familiar to the kind of conversations I had with Dad a few years ago. It does have its comedic side. Mameeskye's absolutely right. Get used to having a multiple personality!!
The other day a patient on my dads ward thought I was his wife:eek: I had to point out that 'I'm his daughter and he's divorced'. After all its very ageing to have to deal with a mum or dad with dementia. I certainly feel a lot older than my years!!
Sorry you had to find us, but Welcome to the club anyway!
take care
ps I think you've got my middle name!