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Hearing problems and dementia

Clive Evers

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May 9, 2003
Hearing difficulties and Dementia

The BBC are preparing an item on the above for a future edition of their See Hear programme which goes out on BBC Saturday mornings.

This will address the information needs of people with hearing difficulties that may be caring for a person with dementia or may have dementia themselves.

I will be attending a studio discussion about this and I am seeking experience and comment to feed in to the programme.

Currently when people contact our Alzheimer’s Helpline through 0845 300 0336, we have a facility for callers who have speech difficulties and/or hearing difficulties and who have access to a textphone. They can dial 1800108453000336 and a RNID Typetalk operator will join the line to relay the conversation.

At present the demand for this service is not very great.

I would be interested to receive any information or feedback from branches and others on the demand for special services for this group of people and details of any services provided e.g. British Sign Language signers.

I would be grateful to receive this information ideally by Friday 13 May, but later if this is not possible.

Thank you for any responses you can send.

Clive Evers
Director of Information and Education

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