Has anyone been in this position.Help


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Sep 24, 2007
Hi Friends
Just need some advice. Dad has vascular dementia and at the moment has a chest infection 3rd in or 4th in 3 months. If he recovers he is going on prophylactic antibiotics. Thank God. I cant believe the decline that infections cause.
At the moment his spatial ability is awful. I dont know whether to get him up daily which I have been doing which is better for his chest or leave him in bed. Once the trauma of getting up is over he is better but it is awful to see him as he is so disorientated. Grabbing on to things and unable to bend in the middle. It is a vicious circle I know because if we can get his chest to clear he will be better lying in bed in the fetal position is not good.
Just thought I would ask you all what you thought.
Thanks for your help


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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Hi Rhallacroz
Hi I'm sorry to hear Dad is so poorly right now. Infections seem to make dementia a whole lot worse, and vice versa. I'm not sure I'm qualified to suggest anything, there will be more posts along soon to help you out. My thoughts would be to exercise common sense. Your Dad does need to rest, however prolonged periods in bed might lead to other problems. My dad was confined to bed for a week and developed bed sores even though he was on a very hi-tec bed. You know your Dad better than anybody. Is there anything you could distract him with to keep him in one place, so he can rest without getting distressed? Dont heistate to get more help from GP, CPN etc if you think your Dad needs extra help
take care


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Angela

Your dad sounds to be in much the same situation as my John.

John has a high-tech bed, and also a tilt and recline chair. His balance is so bad now that they have to trnsfer him with a sling.

They get him up mid-morning, then back to bed about 2.00, up again at 4.30 for tea, and back to bed properly about 8.00.

He has the same problem with preferring to be horizontal, but he needs to sit up for part of the time to help his breathing. He hates it, and caterpillar's his way down the chair. The staff have to reposition him at frequent intervals -- not easy, it takes three of them -- and then he immediately starts slithering again!

Not much help, I'm afraid, but I do understand the problem. I think you have to keep sitting him up for a while, even though he hates it.

Could you ask for an OT assessment? They may have a tilting chair they could loan you.

Good luck,


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Jan 29, 2008
Ashford, Kent

My Dad has Vascular Dementia too.

In January, my Dad got a chest infection and it sent him into acute confusion.

He didn't get out of bed for 4 days. To be honest, I just left him to fight off the infection. I took all his meals/medication and regular fluids etc. to his bed.

There were a few weeks either side of the infection where the confusion was terrible, but it thankfully it did subside.

Best of luck.

Beverley x


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Sep 24, 2007

Hi to you all.
I agree it is better to be up if you can; Although to see me struggling with dad at lunch time it was quite scary in retrospect I should have hosited him. I agree with you beverley either side of the infection is terrible. The worst thing is my mum has gone down with it now. Oh it never rains but pours hey.
Lots of love
Will keep you posted