Hard day today


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi all its Mark not been on here for a little while but as some of you may be aware ive had this little feud with my uncle and auntie who have had video footage of my mum.

We are on speaking terms again and today a dvd dropped through my door of my mum and how she used to be since ive watched it ive felt very emotional its horrible in one way as if i forgot how she was. And its like my mum is now locked away in memories and video tape. Alot of things have been happening too as my partner Leanne is making a go of opening her own florist shop so ive been busy helping with that and been busy with the show travelling about to theatres and been out of the country.

But isnt it strange how a little thing like a dvd can kick you right in the stomach again.

Hope your all well



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Mar 7, 2004
Sorry it has been such a hard day Mark.

Hold on to the memories , even though they may be bittersweet.

However you see her, today as she is, or as in past times in the video, she is still, and always will be your lovely mum.

Glad that things have been looking up for you outside of mums' care. Hope things continue to go well for both you and Leanne.

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Dear Mark, it's horrible isn't it how the 'little things' that one day can gladden your heart, other days leave you tormented ....? How different reactions can be be provoked by the exact same thing at different times?????? Good for you recognising today was 'hard' ......tomorrow might be a little brighter - or may not be - and you and Leanne have a whole new future to look forward to????? I hope that will help you to continue to draw strength ........

Very well done....:) Take care, love Karen, x


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Aug 9, 2005
Dear Mark,
Lots of sympathy as I often have these moments so I know what a "kick" they are too.

Congratulations on your partner opening her shop! She deserves to dovery well.

Good on you too for making peace with your auntie and uncle. In the end,family and friends are all we have.

I hope you are going well at present - it sounds as if you are doing OK, so well done for that too.