Happy Father's Day


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Aug 9, 2005
Here in Australia it is Father's Day, so a very Happy Father's Day to all the fathers on this forum, wherever you are in the world!

We have just come home from Mum and Dad's Hostel where we have had a big family gathering in their (the Hostel's) Community Room - to celebrate Father's Day and also Mum's birthday (in 2 days time).

Since they (Mum and Dad) moved into the Hostel in July 2005, we've had a number of family gatherings like this. It is an Anglican run hostel and they give their permission for us to do so (obviously!) and it works well for us. Adult children and grandchildren (as many as can make it) come from all over to spend the day with Mum and Dad.

We all contribute to a picnic lunch (mainly my 2 sisters and myself) and we eat and talk ourselves silly! The great advantage is that we don't have to take Mum and Dad out (we take them out lots of other times - wuldn't want you to think they are stuck in the Hostel!) and the Community Room has all the facilities we need - boiling water for drinks (in locked cupboard - it is a dementia specific hostel), toilets, comfortable furniture, air conditioned room, etc. and with an outdoor area.

Mum and Dad are always delighted to have these days - exhausted by them, but still delighted. Dad still insists on making a speech! We all catch up with each other and our parents can enjoy having their whole family around them.

I'm surprised no-one else uses the Community Room in this way at this Hostel. I can recommend it for those who might have a similar facility in the homes of family members. (Our Community Room is quite separate from the wings where the residents live so no-one else is disturbed by our presence.) We share our food with the staff on duty - who enjoy it too! We clean up carefully at the end so no-one is left with any extra work to do.

So often the whole concept of living in a Nursing Home is one that fills us all with sadness and foreboding. I just wanted to share with you all a happy family day that makes it all feel less "institutionalised". Hopefully others can do something similar where their family members live - if it suits them.

Anyway, once more, Happy Father's Day!


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May 14, 2006
Hi! That sounds like a great idea! At my Mum's NH, there are several lounges and visitors often chat to their relatives in one of these, rather than squeeze into their bedroom. There is no reason why it couldn't be used as a gathering place, after getting permission from the NH. I do find though, that my Mum prefers to just have one or two visitors at a time. She is confined to a chair and gets tired very quickly.