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'hands of dementia drugs' local marches

Sarah Thomas

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Oct 9, 2006
We are encouraging branches and supporters to organise local protest marches on Friday 17 November to highlight the campaign for access to Alzheimer’s drugs.

We know there is a huge appetite among our membership to take part in marches in their local areas.

More information can be found at: http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/News_and_campaigns/Campaigning/accesstodrugs.htm

So join the fight: contact your local branch of the Society to find out where they are marching on 17 November and join them.

Also let us know about any activities that you will be involved in so we can publicise them on the web.


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hands off Dementia drugs

Hi Sarah,

I think most people are now getting geared up to start the protest marches and campaigns again. We are all disgusted in NICE, but it is very hard to accept that this is happenening in this country let alone anywhere else.
We have spoken to many reporters in the last week and another one is coming tomorrow, because they want to find out what its like living with Dementia and wondering, what will happen in the future when a person is diagnosed and then told they can not have the medication. I am very lucky that I am getting this medication and I can not understand any so called democratic government, stopping a patient who is ill from having treatment. We would be taken to court if we had an animal and it was treated this way.

Lets all go and tell them what we think.



Sarah Thomas

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Oct 9, 2006
get marching for access to dementia drugs

We can confirm that 10 branches will be organising local marches on 17 November 2006.And every day support grows, branches and supporters are contacting us to express their interest in getting involved.

I hope that members of talking point will join them. If you can't see your branch below please contact them directly to see what activities they are organising.

These are the events we know that are happening already:

Hounslow Jennie Whitford email: dementiaservices@aol.com
Tel:020 8580 1057

Sheffield Judith Gregory E-mail: JGregory@alzshef.org.uk
Tel: 0114 2768414

Harlow Gregory YoungerEmail: g.younger696bternet.com
Tel: 01279 418 331

Southampton Linda Taylor alzsotn@hotmail.co.uk
023 804 746 57
Brighton Neil MacArthur

Southport Formby and West Lancashire Tracey Banks
Email: as.s-fbranch@ic24.net Tel:01704 539967

In addition there will be 4 simultaneous marches across the North - in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Carlisle. The contact for these events are Caroline Burden, email: Cburden@alzheimers.org.uk or tel: 0191 217 3810
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