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Jan 29, 2008
My husband is always 'seeing' big spiders and beetles in our house, mostly in the bedroom. Our house is very new and the walls and ceilings are newly painted in pale colours - there is no way they are there. I tell him I've got rid of them or I'll get rid of them but is there a better way of dealing with this.


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Sep 27, 2006
Hi Edie,

Have you told the doctor about this problem? I ask this as it may be possible that some medication can exacerbate hallucinations and he will know what medication your loved one is taking. My husband has LBD and often stoops to pick up imaginary things he sees on the floor or picks up imaginary things from tables etc. It must be very distressing for you and I'm sorry I can't help you more. I'm sure someone on TP will be able to help. xxx TinaT


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Jan 29, 2008
Thank you for your kind repl.y I have taken up your suggestion and made an appointment with our doctor. Thank you for replying, I feel like I have at least tried to move forward.

Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire
A friend told me of a similar situation with her father, she used to get a dustpan and brush and sweep the area, open the window and chuck them out and say, "there you are, they are gone now". No point in arguing that they weren't there in the first place.

Hope this helps.



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Jan 29, 2008
Thank you Margaret W, for replying, I agree with your suggestion - I think it is the only way to deal with this but it is good to know that someone else has experienced this. thank you again for replying and your support.


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Mar 3, 2007
Hi Edie, I'm glad you've made an appointment to speak to your GP, in the meantime the advice sheets here on the website on 'dementia and drugs' are well worth looking at. Best of luck


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Nov 23, 2007
I have made them go away

Hi Eddie
Ron used to see a lot of thing's in the night. Mice in the recesses. Men in our bed, cats on the bed and dogs licking his face. Also he was obsessed with thing's in his hand's, he would show me nails, peanuts etc. I would tell him they are not there, but it is easier to get them and throw them away, and say all gone now. Then back to sleep he goes. Same with the men I tell them to B----- off, how dare you try to sleep here, and Ron is happy.
The worst thing of all of this is - Confession
Some while ago, I shouted at Ron in frustration, during the night, I needed sleep, I, shouted and asked him to go to sleep - stupid, I know, but I was just learning about this Bl---- Awe---- thing. The next motning he said, that person that was looking after me last night shouted at me. I told him that I had sacked them, and that no one would ever do that to him again.
And, NO ONE, including me ever will.
I love him, and for one fleeting moment, I could understand the frustration. Now I try to pace myself. It is hard, but the love I have for him will never fade.
Sorry for ranting.
PS MUM wnt into hospital this morning at 6-30am, heart problems, you cope, you have to, but most of all because you want to.
Luv Barb