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Jan 2, 2004
Maidstone, Kent
Sorry I haven`t been in touch for a while. The last few weeks have involved taking my Mum and Dad to hospital and doctors appointments. Nothing to do with AD though. Mum has just had a cataract op (just another thing for her to contend with,very successful and no problems, only trouble was reminding Dad that she`d had an op) and Dad is waiting the results of an Xray as he has shoulder pain.
Back to the subject in question, my Dad has started to experience hallucinations. He saw a heap of beetles in the living room today and got very upset when he tried to get rid of them and they disappeared. Mum wasn`t in the room at the time but I know she is worried about dealing with this new symptom. Any thoughts and advice on this would be very much appreciated.
Hoping that Dad will have a 'good' day soon as they are getting very few and far between. Most days he still thinks he's on holiday and he`s getting ready to catch the coach. Usually at 4.00am when Mum suddenly realises he`s getting dressed. Dad has been very hyper recently with aggressive moods and he frequently swears which just is'nt like him. It just doesn't get any easier coping with this awful disease. But as I say to Mum we've got to face each day as it comes, and keep smiling.
Best wishes


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Sue,

Hallicinations and swearing were par for the course when my father was first diagnosed as having AD. That was quite unusual from a very mild mannered person, who never ever used bad language at all.

We didn't have livestock appearing - just a 'load of bloody relatatives' usually lurking in the dining room and in the hall cupboard.

Is your father taking Aricpet or something similar? If not, then ask your local MD to give him a trial course. My father started on 5mg and that put paid to the 'dead rellies 'syndrome and helped him enormously and still is doing so after 5 years.