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hallucinations and drifting


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Dec 13, 2014
North Devon
Hello all,

Im 53 I have been diagnosed with mixed dementia. I have been getting strange feelings when drifting off to sleep, feelings of not quite knowing weather things are real or not, I talk a lot when Im drifting off,so my partner tells me and I really dont know if im awake or not so I get very scared that things that im thinking or saying are really happening. I hope I haven't lost anyway yet? I still have a good sense of human, thank the lord! There are words I would like to say to explain what I mean but they are not coming easy so please bear with me..... it all feels so very real, and at the time, indeed I believe this to be true. what I want to ask my fellow friends is "is this normal with dementia" it is as I said very scary and very confusing. thankyou for taking time to read me waffling on ... bless you all


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Aug 24, 2013
I can only reply from being on the other side of the bed, my wife (mixed, atypical AZ) does "mutter" a bit to herself before she goes to sleep, I've never said anything but it's like listening to one half of a conversation she's having with someone but never enough for me to fill in what or who the other person might be or what they're talking about. I do cryptic crosswords and although I'm not great at them I can usually work out the connections. The one sided conversations however I can't work out.
What do any dream like states mean anyway, I sometime dream the strangest things but after I've gone to sleep and somehow instantly forget them when I wake up, except for the scary ones.
Maybe your dreams kick in while your still drifting into sleep rather than the normal deep sleep dreams that most people have? At first it is a bit odd but as I say that's "from my side of the bed".


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Oct 14, 2006
Hi seagull50

I also have mixed dementia now diagnosed over ten and a half years ago when I was then just 58 years old.

Like you I also talk when going to sleep and my dear wife also tells me I have hallucinations and nightmares during the nights which can be extremely vivid and very unpleasant.

Unfortunately this can be part and parcel to many types of dementia although having said that dementia doesn’t affect every person in exactly the same way, I would suggest that you talk to your doctor about the problem as if needed the doctor could prescribe some medication for you the very important thing is to keep trying to fight against the illness as long as you can and keep your mind and body as active as possible

Best wishes


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Jul 27, 2013
My dad has mixed dementia but I've not known him to talk in his sleep , although now he has his own room he may do.
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