Had best interest meeting and now it's going to the COP what the heck?


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Nov 4, 2014
We recently went to the best interest meeting after a temporary dols was applied for by the CH as fil keeps demanding to go home. SW thought there might be a trial of 24 HR care in his flat for 5 days which were totally against as we know if he went back to the flat he would need to be sectioned to get him out of there. Dementia nurse has visited him again and said he has moved to the next stage of dementia. He has started getting aggressive towards some of the staff and accusing them of 'throwing him out of the window several times ' . He is starting to react to sundowning and becoming a problem after about 3pm onwards. He wanders around at night time. Best interest meeting was attended by his advocate and 3 social workers and the CH manager. It was unanimously decided that it was in his best interest to remain in the home as he has no awareness of what is around him. He is also registered blind. They said at the end of the meeting that a permanent dols would be put in place. We were planning to start renting his flat out shortly but we have just had a call from a dols assessor who says because he is still asking to go home this must now go to the court of Protection for them to decide whether he needs to be kept in the home for his own safety!!!! What the? So we now have 5 professionals including a phychiastrist doctor, 2 best interest assessors, and 2 social workers all saying he needs to stay in the home but now it's apparently got to go to court. Hubby is going to argue both sides, that he understands that father wants to go home but he's living in the 1980s and think he can do all the things he could do then. Then he'll have overwhelming evidence of his lack of mental capacity, disorientation in time and place to argue that he needs to be in a secure environment. SS went to visit him yesterday to advise him of the outcome of the meeting so what happens now?.
This is like a recurring nightmare that never ends. He's had another fall in the last week. What will the cop do?