Had anyone used Ebixa for vascular dementia "I so need some advise on how to get it"


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May 12, 2005
Hi there

My dad has vascular dementia and been in hospital for 8 months now. I have asked doctors if they can give him the drug Ebixa as i heard that it can help in some cases but mainly used for other forms of dementia. I was told that is not licensed in this country yet for dementia and doctors won't prescribe it. I asked if it was a case of funding that i would fund it myself, and still had no joy.

Does anyone have any experiences of using this drug and how can i go about getting for my dad if it can work in someway?

Many thanks


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Apr 28, 2003
vascular dementia and Ebixa

Hello Elisa
Ebixa is licensed in the UK only for people with Alzheimer's disease who are in the moderately severe to severe stages of the illness. It is not licensed for people with other kinds of dementia, although some research is being done into whether it is effective for people with other types, such as vascular dementia.

Merz, the manufacturer of Ebixa, has released data showing that Ebixa is also effective for people in the later stages of vascular dementia. However, the drug has only been licensed for Alzheimer's disease. It is likely that Merz will eventually apply for a licence to market Ebixa as a treatment for people with vascular dementia.

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