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Great North Run

running girl

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Jul 29, 2003
I'm running the Great North Run in September. It's my first time and my first half maraton. I would welcome any tips that anyone who has participated in this race could pass on. Thanks and good luck to everyone else running in it.


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Jul 29, 2003
Excellent race! I did it in 2001.

Don't worry about getting a good time - it took me nearly 30 minutes to get across the start line!

Excellent spectators - all very supportive and a fantastic atmosphere.

The last couple of miles are the hardest (no surprise there!), and when you get to the one mile left marker at South Shields, don't believe it - it feels like far more!

When you eventually get to the velodrome, it can be very busy, so make sure you arrange to meet people at a predetermined place. I couldn't get a signal on mu mobile which didn't help!

Be prepared to spend a long time getting out of South Shields - the Metros do take a while to get over 50,000 out of the place!

Enjoy it - it is a fantastic day!