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Great grandad facing prison


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Apr 21, 2015
I am posting here at a loss as to how to proceed.

My father has been arrested several times fixated that an old neighbour has stole/broken his glasses.

He is fixated.for last Ten years.

He has been in court several times. He has a probation worker and currently on a suspended sentence and should he be caught again he will go prison.

He was there again this week at his old neighbours house shouting. The victim has asked please not to press charges but help my dad!!!! They came round and told him off!!!

He has thickening of arties. Had two major heart attacks. He is 85.

He had a mental health dementia assessment but came back fine!!! Apprantly!

But he is fine certain times of the day

But the. He has these funny turns which he refuses to see gp or allow me to seek help.

my daughter in law is mental health nurse and is desperately trying to help and thinks maybe a vascular dementia

Gp is useless fobs us off

Do I self re refer to my fathers mental health team

I don't wanna see him in prison


Volunteer Host
Nov 6, 2008
Hi welcome to TP, so sorry that the circumstances are so difficult.

My first thought is to contact the local Social Services and tell them that your Father is a vulnerable adult and see if they can offer any support.