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grants Help


Registered User
Jul 19, 2005
I have to get a new central heating boiler. Done a few phone calls today only to be told that you have to be over 60years old to get a grant for a new one. You can also get a full system in if your 60 or over. My husband has got 7years yet till that age. Why are grants for 60years and over when its to do with heating for vulnerable people on DA and IA ???????:confused: What will happen when the temperature drops and no heating? Is this something else we have to fight for!!!!


Registered User
Jun 27, 2006
Chip - have you looked at the Housing Grants scheme? I know it's not as straight forward as the central heating scheme which is only available to those over 60, but it is supposed to provide grants to bring the property up to a tolerable standard, including heating.