grans driving test

Jodie Lucas

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Dec 3, 2005
Hi everyone,

Well gran took her driving test on saturday and passed. They took her out for a whole hour including dual carraige ways and will test her again in six months. I think the family is a bit more reassured now, the truth is none of us had been with her in a car for a long time (me 3 years, my mum 20 years) so it was probably unfair to assume she was a bad driver, our only concern really had been one or two incidents of her getting lost. The letter for the dvla licence renewal form came the other week so my mum is helping my nan fill in the form with the new details. I am so glad an expert has said shes ok to drive for the time being

If anyone has experienced similair problems, we managed to arrange a test through the occupational therapist and the test itself cost about £38.

My gran was a bit resentful about taking the test at first, and I'm sure she would have blamed us if she lost her licence,(though the dvla still has to decide) that but she seems a bit more confident and will maintain her independence a bit longer. Currently my nan seems to manage well with meals on wheels, although me or my mum have taken her for the odd shopping trip.

Thanks again everyone for all the support here on TP

Love Jodie


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Jun 29, 2007
North Wales
That is good news about your Gran, Jodie

The independence must be a boost for her.

I know from personal experience with my eye problems, that the DVLA medical people are very fair. So hope they respond quickly for you.

Lovely to have a good news posting

With love,