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Grandmas at it again!


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Nov 4, 2012
Hello all! Hope you're keeping warm, temperatures dropped massively!

Anyway....grandmas at it again, she now doesn't sleep every other night and sits up all night constantly shouting at her hallucinations and wanting to go "home". What can we do? Even after her medication to help her sleep, she still doesn't sleep!

This morning she was packing her belongings and carrying them downstairs to leave, this is a huge concern as an elderly lady is up and down the stairs. How do we reassure her that this is her home and it's night time and she should wait till the morning to go "home".

I just do not understand how an 86 year old can survive a night with no sleep and not sleep until the next day at 9.00-10.00pm! AMAZING!

Anyway, any advice....I know this is a reoccurring topic for my grandma, but just need as much help and advice as possible!

Thanks for reading the post, enjoy life! X


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Dec 25, 2012
Hi, sorry to hear about your grandma,we had same problem with my Mum, it was exhausting for my Dad who was the main carer, it was these problems that resulted in Dad having to agree to Mum being put in permanent care. We tried all different medications to try to get her to sleep but nothing worked, risperidone eventually helped to calm her down and since she has been in the carehome she has finally started to sleep again. Unfortunately I think youeither have to try and weather the storm until she moves through this stage, or may have to consider the time has come for permanent care especially if like my Mum she starts to become aggressive. Best of luck xx



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Jul 15, 2013

Not enjoying the cold as I am a sun worshiper!

I found taking dad for a little walk and getting some exercise helped. I take the dog to visit him or my friend takes her baby and he pushes the pram. We literally just go round the block or to the shop for some chocolate in the early afternoon and it seems to help.

I think it breaks up the tedium of the day and some fresh air helps .

Not sure if this is an option for your nan?

Good luck - it comes in waves I find and does pass.


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