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Grandfather won't stop spitting


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Jun 5, 2015
Hello, I care for my Grandfather who has late stages of dementia. He's such a sweet heart, I absolutely adore my grandpa! In the past year he has gotten worse, he refuses to shower, shave or brush his teeth. Things that he used to take so much pride in!

He has a disgusting habit of spitting, it's driving me bonkers. Its not just spit…he sniffs up his nose and spits it out. I've asked him so many time to stop or use a napkin. He has a trash can that sits next to his recliner, he spits in that too. It's fills up with spit and he will usually miss and it lands on the side of his recliner. He also uses the one trash can in his room or he will just spit on his blankets/sheets and all over the walls. Of course he denies it. When I catch in the act, he's says sorry and will stop while I'm in the room. Today he was at the kitchen table with me for over an hour, did not spit once. I left the room, he immediately went to the kitchen sink (because I put the kitchen trash can outside) spit in it. :eek:

It's causing a HUGE gnat and fly problem and I don't know what to do.
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