gran has alzheimers


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Jul 31, 2004
after reading messages on this board i have a lot to be thankful for my gran is 94 and has had as for 2 years, im 34 so i am really lucky in that respect, to still have her around. my gran has just moved into emi home and i know its for the best for her but am sad that she wont die in her own house where she lived for over 60 years. its cruel that at her age she and us have to go through all this, she wants to die and is just about giving up on life not eating etc, wish she could just be given something so she could die with a little of her dignity still left, as she was always a very independt woman.


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Nikita,

My grandmother was 96 when she died. She didn't have AD, but was just tired of living. She had a mini heart attack, was admitted to hospital and then just refused point blank to eat anything. I was only very young when she died, but I clearly remember her telling us that she had decided to die because she wanted to. I wonder if other elderly people make some sort of decision, whether consciously or unconsciously to do a similar thing?

It's very sad that your Gran won't live out her days in her own home, but I'm sure you and your family have made the right decision for the good of your Gran.

Best wishes, Jude