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GPS Trackers Recommendations


New member
Nov 28, 2019
Hi all,
My dear father has early onset FTD so still young and mobile and out and about. He's started to get confused in timings, and was picked up by medics this week when lost and wandering all night. His local council do not provide GPS trackers (apparently some do) and he lives alone. We're worried he will get lost and it won't be possible to find him so a tracker seems like a good idea but we're worried 1) he might forget to wear it 2) he won't remember to charge it.
Does anyone have any recommendations on trackers which might not need to be charged as often / easier to not take off?
Thank in advance
I suggest you consider a GPS-enabled watch or personal tracker. For example, Spytec is a personal tracker, which can accurately locate GPS to streets, cities, etc., and provide real-time tracking data and geo-fence functions.


Registered User
Jun 12, 2018
Hi there, My Dad is 61 with FTD and is very very mobile. We used as Yepzon tracker which costs around £70. Its a GPS tracker and you pay around £10 every few months for the data on the SIM card and the battery life is pretty good. It's small enough to be word on a lanyard but also in a coat/trouser pocket. It also comes with a little neoprene case with a velcro strap so you could attach it to a coat or wrist or a bucket for instance. We used it a few times and I did test it out, it worked pretty well to be fair, not obviously the same as an instant find my phone app but then again my Dad didn't have any capacity to remember his phone. Im going to be putting it up an eBay soon anyway as unfortunately my Dad has to go into care.



New member
Oct 25, 2018
Hi Everyone, I care for an elderly person, he still like to go out on his own, but like a lot of the posts I have seen here, he has Dementia and gets lost, whats more is getting him to take some kind of tracker. A watch sounds like a good idea, there are so many, the problem I've seen with a lot of them is battery life, 2 - 3 days and the problem there is getting it off him to charge it, he would probably take it off at night, but then his wife would need to 'sneek' it away to chrage it.
Does anyone know of a GPS tracking Watch that also alerts you if he falls, that has a long battey life and doesn't cost too much a month to run.
Also, a lot of them I see are 2G, my phone is 4G, will 2G work in the UK?

Many Thanks



New member
Oct 25, 2018
Many thanks for that but from what I can see it's not a GPS device, it relies on someone having a 'NFC enabled phone', most people won't know what to do, I've never heard or seen one of these and don't know what a 'NFC enabled phone' is, although I googled 'NFC enabled phone' and came up with a hit, I can't post it as the forum wants me to have 10 posts first