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Got my fight back!! Thanks guys!!


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Feb 23, 2013
I just want to say that I was in a dark place a few weeks ago, so many worries and thinking nobody understands and thought there was only me having it so tough and feelin rather sorry for myself.

Well after finding you lot and realising that it isn't just me and all those different range of emotions and questions are all had by you wonderful people out there too. I felt I could no longer cope! I took all of mums foibles personally. I put it a lot down to her personality, but with reading and finding that there are so many similarities with other sufferers that has helped me feel less resentful to her. It truly has helped!

I've given myself a big talking to and have found my fight, I am going to take this by the short and curlies and make mums last days (however long that may be abd yes ive berated myself also for thinking that awful thought) thats another relief i have found, im not a monster for thinking that, it is natural. I pledge to my mum she gets the very best I can give and realise that worrying is all pointless and feeling sorry for myself is too, so no more!! Hopefully I will feel like this still in a few weeks haha!!

Truly thanks to you all I mean it from the bottom of my heart. It's been a battle but I've got to stay strong and so have all of you. Fight back at the (I want to swear) AD and dementia!! It's got mum, its not gonna get me!!!! (Not yet anyway)


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Jul 4, 2013
Well its not easy im just doing nothing today as cant cope am worn out place is a mess and have sore back.

Getting your anger and frustration out IS HEALTHY so thats why we are here so I wouldnt feel bad.

It pays do get it all out am alot less stressed as my family had me down as NUTS and Crazy *****!!

Maybe I am:eek:


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May 21, 2012
Sydney, Australia
That's really great, Sarah. One thing for certain is you aren't alone in your emotions or your struggles. I'm glad you're feeling stronger and affirmed, this disease really can bring down all in its path, so maintain the rage.

Stephanie, xxx


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Jul 20, 2008
Dear Sarah,

I was so pleased to read that you felt supported by members of Talking Point and that it has given you a boost:) I found TP invaluable when I was caring for my late husband.

I firmly believe that to be the best carer to anyone, the carer has to look after her/himself. This often means that support needs to be sourced in order for the carer to have adequate breaks.

Wishing you well Sarah:)