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Good News!


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Oct 20, 2004
Mums nurse was out yesterday and Dad has finally asked about trying other drugs and there doesn't seem to be a problem, she is going to arrange an appointment with the doctor. She only said that Ebixia wouldn't be a good idea (I'm not sure why), but at least we're moving in the right direction now.

I had a Halloween Party for my daughter and Mum helped with getting food ready and helped me put decorations up etc... she did really well and have to say that it made me feel really pleased, she was much more like her 'old self' and it was really great. I suppose that's the way it'll be, sometimes we'll get glimmers of the way she used to be. It did make me think that doing something practical seemed to make her more like herself....I think she also felt useful. Mum was very practical and it's something I've not seen evidence of for a while and it was nice to have her 'bossing' me a bit!!!

Just thought I'd post to say Thanks for the advice and so far Dad is getting a bit better at coping with me finding 'stuff' out.


Dear Mandy

Lovely news on what has been a miserable and bleak day, weather wise.

I have a lovely image of your Mum thoroughly enjoying herself, and I do believe you are right when you say she felt useful, it's important to remember that she still has useful skills in her finer moments. Hope you all had great fun - I was extremely busy on Hallow'een flying through the air on my broomstick overseeing events after some mechanical adjustments to the beesom. Sorry I bypassed your festivities!

Lots of