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Good day...


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Jun 13, 2006
Just thought I'd post a quick note , mainly to say thanks for the support you all gave when I was having the few really bad, dark days with mom. I had her admitted to the hospital (After the psychotic agressiveness) to see if they'd take me seriously about the anti-psychotic not having worked for weeks, and surprise surprise they changed them after she'd been in for only two days. The new one seems to be doing the trick and she's stopped being aggressive, threatening and talking out loud to herself all the time. The only down side seems to be that she sleeps a lot during the day. Still, she's back at home, I had a break of three weeks, and life seems better. A win-win situation with this disease, as much as it can be, and although it may not last, I'm grateful for that. She's back to how she was two months ago, although she's telling me "toilet" when she wants to go instead of leaving everything up to me, so having to be without me obviously did some good and made her be as independant as she is able to be and communicate her needs instead of relying on me to remind her of everything.

Anyway, thanks again peeps, you kept me going when the way was lacking a light in the darkness!:)



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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Cat,
Good to hear from you again, and that things are going a little better.
Love Helen


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Feb 24, 2006
Glad there was an improvement.

You never know, do you, if going to hospital will make things better or worse?


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Mar 13, 2006
so glad things are better for you, lets hope they stay that way for a long while.

take care x