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Going to bed


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Nov 13, 2014
Mum has AD and stays with me, came in from work last night at 7pm to the house in complete darkness, TV off, dogs shut in kitchen (where they sleep), called out 'Mum?' to which the response came 'I'm in bed'. Eh?? Why?? Apparently she was sitting 'by herself', the TV was rubbish so she just thought she would take herself off to bed and 'lie and read her book'. She must be able to see in the dark! I have read other posts about carers battling to get their loved ones to stay up during the evening, is this another stage of the AD? She did get back up and get dressed then came through and had dinner with us as normal but when I was making dinner she said she didn't want any breakfast. My worry, too, was that she would be up during the night if she had been asleep (I'm up for work at 6am) but luckily she was fine. Hopefully it was just a one-off. Any thoughts? x


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Aug 29, 2007
SW London
I often used to find that my mother had gone to bed by the time I arrived at about 5. Even at the height of summer she would do this, having closed all the curtains. She simply had no idea of time any more. She would get up again when I arrived, and stay up till maybe 8, but then want to go to bed again.

She would fret if I wanted to stay up later than her, so I would have to pretend to go at about 8 too, and sneak down again later. It was no earthly use arguing. Pre dementia she would hardly ever go to bed before about midnight.


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May 18, 2014
Before my mum moved in with me she was going to bed 5.30pm every night, neighbours noticed all curtains closed on sunny, summer evenings. These days, depending on kind of day we've had, she will still get into her bed in day clothes around 5.30pm If she falls asleep for just half hour I know that she will wake thinking its tomorrow and all through the night it will be impossible to get her back to bed, its a brand new day for her, wanting breakfast, feed pets, light fire and get me out of bed to go to work!!!!!

Rageddy Anne

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Feb 21, 2013
Had been looking forward all week to last night's Wolf Hall, but apparently at 9 o'clock it was bedtime, and no amount of arguing ws going to change it. If I had sat down to watch the barracking would have gone on all through the programme. Tomorrow, husband's new friend is going to take him out, and there are lots of really important things I should use the time for, but I'm going to watch Wolf Hall instead!