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Going slowly round the bend


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Aug 30, 2012
Brixham Devon
So cd's: by performer, composer or genre?
Book:, by title, author or subject matter?


I have classical CD's on one side of the room and contemporary on another. In alphabetical order. Compilations at the end of each section.

Books. Novels /poetry/plays/non fiction (other)/biographys/sports all on different shelves in order.(author)

Lyn T


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Dec 11, 2012
Mum has taken out all her saved birthday, christmas and mothers day cards and displayed them on every flat surface in her bedroom and likes to read them over and over again.

She has two letters she got from friends on her birthday which she reads out loud for hours on end - I know them off-by-heart now! I try to put them back a few at a time but she notices and brings them all out again.

I can't really say much as my room is cluttered with books, CDs, DVDs and magazines. I'm trying to clear it all bit by bit but every time I go out shopping I nip into Barnados and come out with more books. I know I'll never get through them.