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Going into a care home

sonia owen

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Hi All,

If a person goes into a care home to live who has to inform the department of Works and Pensions of this ?
Our mum went into a care home for 6 days while I had a break. We picked her up and took her home, there was a letter from our local council saying they had been informed by the Works and Pensions that mum had moved into the care home. As a result of this information her Housing Benefit would be suspended in accordance with their regulations.
No more payments would be made until the following information/ original documentary evidence was provided to the authority.

They want us to confirm the exact date that she moved into the home.
Advise if this is a temporary move, or a permanent move. If temporary move let them know the dates she is due to return home.

This has never happened before when she has gone in to respite.
I went to see them they made notes. But said I could not see anyone, but had to ring them. So I did they said they had to deal with our mum who is 85 explained they could not, she would not understand what they are on about. If she had seen the letter she would have thought I was putting her into a care home. They then said if I could get a letter signed by my mum stating that she would allow me to deal with this matter then I should be able to sort this out. I asked them who would have informed the Works and Pension with this in correct information. They said I would have to ask them but I know they would not deal with me. All I did was put my mum into respite, where our council pay their payment and we pay what we have to as mum has less than £11.000.

It makes me feel if I have to go through all this ,which is not of my making why have respite. Its bad enough sorting mum out ready for the break. without all this extra hassle. Hopefully off to see the council when I come up with a story to get mum to sign the letter I have written . Don't want my mum upset she would be so worried no doubt I would get a right ear full . The break feels like its been a waste of time more stress to deal with.

Sonia xx


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May 21, 2014
It seems absolutely ridiculous because as long as she isn't in a home or hospital longer than 28 days they don't need to know as it doesn't affect any payments!
If you haven't sorted out both LPAs, now is the time if she still has enough capacity!