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Oct 25, 2005
I have a client who has been over here in Tenerife with his wife for the past 6 months, she is now planning to return to the north west of England for the summer and will be taking her husband who has moderate to severe A.D with her

She is hoping to get help via social services to give her her a hand with him, but realistically can anyone tell me what she can expect , how many visits a day and costs etc?

Also how much do private carers cost these days?

The other question is if she is lucky enough to get a care package in, how long do they take to set up and should she contact the social worker now, prior to her return?


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Mar 13, 2006

i cant answer all the questions, but in my case my mum whos in hospital, is being discharged and they said that a care package would take a minimum of two weeks to get in place i would advise getting in touch with the social services asap to get things moving as they can take a long time, i live in wales perhaps things might be different where your client is moving to.
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