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glbt carers in care homes


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Jan 18, 2010
I work with a young man who is homosexual and very open about it with all his carer colleagues. He's a great carer and his sexuality has never been a problem to either him or other staff in the workplace, or residents. It may be that other carers in other care homes find that work colleagues do not truly practice non-discrimination in which case it should be brought to the attention of the management so that more education on the meaning of being non-discriminatory can be provided for all staff. Our home also employs a varied number of foreign nationals - all lovely people and good at their job which, after all, is what a care home is all about - employing anyone who really enjoys looking after others and making a difference to their day in the most positive way possible.

I wonder Julie what you would suggest should be included within the training of carers to cover individual sexuality. I would be glad to hear your view about how the training could be improved. I have to admit that I am quite ignorant of how training to cover everyone's sexual bias might be achieved.



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Jan 9, 2008
East Kent
Hi Julie
Really glad that you have written this and equally glad that you have made contact with this section, you clearly have a lot to offer to the Group.
In 2008 the LGBT Support Group began a small amount of research amongst trans groups which focussed on the needs of trans carers. No significant evidence emerged about discrimination in care provision, though, with the law now clear about the illegality of any such action one would hope that it would rarely exist. There were, nevertheless, a couple of instances of difficult attitudes from family members.
However, considering the wider acceptance of LGBT sexuality, the non existence of 'problems', in my view, isnt the real issue. Most people, I think, seem to subscribe to the view that it doesn't matter if you are LGBT, but my view is that it NEEDS to matter. Our sexuality is as intrinsic to us as the noses on our faces and therefore our employment, our residence in care homes, our receipt of service provision should be given on the basis of the fact that we are LGBT people and not inspite of it and not that it doesnt matter. Nothing less than positive affirmation of our sexuality is what we should expect. In the matter of service provision, if we believe in caring for the whole person, then that must involve a positive, active and inclusive approach to a person's sexuality and not just a passive tolerance.
By the way the LGBT Support Group also did some tentative enquiries about the existence of dementia within the trans community. So far there doesnt seem to be much evidence available but two trans people have suggested to me that some medication might be trigger forms of dementia in later life.
Hope these comments make sense - I was glad to be able to make them in response to you. Thank you.
Great to have read your contribution, hope to hear more from you.
Best wishes.