Glad to hear Christmas was so good for so many


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Aug 9, 2007
Me too!

The day started at 2.24am with one of my sons loudly annoucing to his twin that Santa had been. We then spent the next 2 hours trying to get them back to bed..which we eventally managed and all fell asleep in our bed about 5am.

We got up at 8.30am and had a fantastic day unwrapping presents, travelling to the outlaws for lunch and then playing with toys. The boys still believe and were most upset that they had not heard the clatter of Santa and the reindeer on the roof. Late afternoon when the boys got tired I set off to visit Mum.

She was a little agitated and her skirt was bearing the brunt of it being almost at her hips (most unlike her!) but she then ahd sandwiches and trifle. Apart from the tuna that ended up on her nose as she tried to feed herself she enjoyed it. Especially the trifle.

I had gven her a big soft toy dog who has been nicknamed Bobby Bingo. He really helped to calm her agitation.

Mum has gotten slightly better physically but slightly worse mentally IYKWIM.

DH and one of my sons then appeared. My wee lad had come especially to say thank you to Nana for the present that she had given him (with a little help from Mum and Dad!). She did not know him or what he was saying to her but smiled at him. I was so proud of him.

I know that this is likely to be the last Christmas that I have my Mum here. I am glad that it went so well.

Peace and Joy this season to all of you. It can creep up and catch you unawares even when you don't expect it.



Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
What a lovely account, Mameeskye.

As none of us have any idea what the next month may bring, never mind the next year, every precious moment must be enjoyed and stored, and you ceertainly had many this year.

I`m so pleased it all went so well for you.

Love xx

Kate P

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Jul 6, 2007
Hi Mameeskye,

I'm so pleased to hear you had a great Christmas with your boys and your mum - especially after the year you've had.

Although I definitely would not have been thrilled at being woken at 2 in the morning!!!

It's lovely your mum could smile at your son, especially when he was being so well mannered!

I think that's the part we've found most difficult over Christmas - mum has no happy emotions anymore and it was very draining trying to please someone who cannot be pleased - comes with the FTD I guess. Good food/presents/company - none of it had any effect on her at all - not a glimmer of a smile.

I think that with mum the highlight was when I sat at her knee and she stroked my hair like she used to when I was a little girl - I had a terrible crick in my neck but I stayed put for fifteen minutes - it did seem to calm her down (hang on, have I become the equivalent of a therapy dog??!!). The downside was wrestling with her in the street on Boxing day when she decided she was taking off with no coat, handbag or anything else. Definitely an all time low - nearly hit the cigarettes again after four years!

However, we had our lovely children to keep our attention and to keep us happy. My daughter loved it all and happily only woke up at 9 - she's so sloth-like! My niece alarmed us all with her tale of Santa coming in her room and touching her face! We're putting this down to a dream but hopefully it's not a tale that will get taken back to play school with her - I think we'll have a lot of explaining to do!!!