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Giving cash to carers


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Sep 10, 2013
Lytham St Annes
It’s certainly a dilemma.....

As long as your Dad has capacity then really it’s his decision to make gifts as he sees fit.

However I really don’t think the carer was allowed nor should she have accepted it, I am certain it is against company policy.

What would I do....I wouldn’t speak to carer or her employer, but I would as others have said discuss it with your dad and explain to him he really shouldn’t have done it, even though it was a lovely thought, as it would get the carer into serious trouble.


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Jun 12, 2020
I would not be too worried about this provided that it is a genuine one-off. It would be as well to check that the carer really did have her wedding the next day. If so, well a decision to give a wedding present is not such a big deal if the donor has mental capacity. Regular gifts would be quite different. I don't think other carers would reasonably be jealous unless they were also getting married.

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