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gh001g9494 (George Higgins)


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Jun 15, 2005
Many thanks indeed for your birthday wishes, I'm very grateful, you have spurred me 'back to life' so to speak, as I have been at an all time low, my wife died in January, so she has been releived of that cursed AD.

My sympathy goes out to those people on the forum who have the same story as me to tell, the pain is unbelievable.

Oh how we take our loved ones so much for granted whilst they are here with us, nobody knows what's just around the corner, love, love, love them while you can.

God bless you all for your support thank you, George Higgins.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear George

So sorry to hear of the death of your wife As you say, she is now free of the misery of Alzheimer's.

But it still leaves a huge gap in your life, and I can understand how low you have been feeling.

Please stay with us, and continue to post whenever you like. Virtual friendship is a lifesaver for so many of us.



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Aug 9, 2005
Dear George,
I am so sorry for your tragic loss. You obviously loved your wife deeply and the pain of losing her is immense. I echo Hazel - please remember you have "virtual" friends here who would be glad to "see" you when you post on TP. It IS a lifesaver for many of us, as Hazel says.
Thinking of you,