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Getting nowhere and another hearing date in a couple of months


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May 22, 2015
Feeling hopeless and helpless, Mum thought I would have good news following the latest hearing. The powers that be once again let her down. Yet another date set for 8 weeks time and we were told it would possibly not be enough time then to come to a decision. More statements to write, more interviews, more upset to go through and all the time they keep reinventing the wheel when the evidence is staring them in the face and they choose not to see it. I doubt previous statements have even been flicked through let alone read. And all this is meant to be in my.mums 'best interests"? No, its playing with an old lady's life with no real thought on how the uncertainty of her future in the balance is affecting her on a day to day basis. And I am the one who has to try to make her believe everything will be ok in the end, when I truly dont know if it will be. I can't begin to tell you how Im feeling right now.


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Sep 20, 2011
I am sorry to hear that things are still ongoing, and that Mum's future is still undecided. Sending hugs and wishing you strength. Jan x


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Im so sorry TMB. I know legal stuff can be incredibly slow.
Wishing you strength and sending you ((((hugs)))))


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Dec 30, 2011
Looking on the bright side, the length of time taken means they are weighing the case seriously and taking all the evidence into consideration. You know the facts of the case but they are seeing it from an outside perspective, coming to it cold, as it were, so they have to make sure they understand completely what is going on to come to a decision. There may be more points they wish to pursue. Trust that, if you are in the right, they will decide in your favour. As canary says, the legal process is very slow and frustrating. Does your Mum need to know anything about it? Just try and reassure her and don't let her worry.


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
I'm sorry about the further delay. It must be incredibly frustrating and upsetting.
I do wonder that your comment s re. the best interests of your mother shouldn't be sent to them - but perhaps best not upset them!

I hope it all turns out well in the end - whenever that might arrive. xxx