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Feb 3, 2006
:confused: My mother is 85 years old and living in sheltered housing, she has short term memory problems which are getting worse, she is having trouble recognising people in photographs, forgetting or deliberatley not taken her medication ie hiding it or spitting the tablets into a tissue, not washing or bathing, putting on the same clothes day after day, not eating if not supervised and drinking a bottle of wine a day, which she some how manages to go to the local shop to buy every other day. is this Alzheimers/dementia. We have taken her to the doctors but when asked if she has problems she replies thats everythings fine she eats like a horse only has the occasional drink and can manage quite well, the doctor did a mini mental assesment and said to mum would she like to be referred to a specialist, she replied no she was fine !!!!! Help what can we do next !!!!!!


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
welcome to talking point,I am sure you will find much help here.
I think that the GP can refer to the consultants team.
I our case a community psychiatric nurse came out and did an assessment.
This was followed by a call from the consultant whothe prescribed medication and we are still with him now.
Have a word with the GP and see if he will refer Mum.
Sorry cannot be more helpful


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Feb 26, 2006
Hi Kazlou

I recognise some of the symptoms and as you realise a diagnosis is essential. I met the same resistance to seeing a specialist and in the end I resorted to moral blackmail "if you wont do it for youyrself do it for me", fortunately it worked. You may need to try many different methods to get your mother to see a specialist and you may need to resort to deception to acheive your objective, do what you have to do and good luck.