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Getting Help for my mum


New member
Sep 17, 2019
Hello lovely community, I've not used the forum before but I am hoping I get some help and advice from you. My mum was diagnosed over 12 months ago (Just turned 70) and my dad is her full time carer but its come to a point were my sisters and I feel we need to help my dad by getting some help both for my mums sake (very dependant on my dad) and my dads too. We've looked at Reminders Finders and whilst this looks idea, my mum is adamant she doesn't want to do it and has turned on my dad and sister for suggesting this even though we feel it would be good for her to interact and have some "holiday time" so to speak. I wondered if anyone has been through this before that could offer any advice please or pointers?


Volunteer Host
Apr 1, 2016
Welcome to DTP

I had this difficulty with my dad. He was happy to go out with me but didn't want to go to any groups by himself!

I wonder if it would be worthwhile your dad going too and having a word with the organisers to see if he can get away with sneaking off and leaving your mum there once she gets uses to it. I think subterfuge is the only solution. I also seem to remember someone telling their PWD that the daycare she went to needed their help and the real carers were willing to go along with this.

It's a case of finding whatever your mum will accept to get her through the doors then hopefully it will become an acceptable familiar routine.

Maybe someone else will have better ideas than me.