Gas alarm


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Jul 21, 2003

Does anyone know of an alarm that I can buy which would alert my mum to the fact that she has left the gas cooker on.....

For many years now she has had virtually no sense of smell (which I put down to many years of smoking - but could now be related to her Alzheimers??) and consequently she has in the past turned the gas knob on but then forgotten to light it..

As she still smokes like a trooper (having forgotten when she had the last one!!) I am very worried that one day she will blow the house and herself up.

PS - Have already tried the notes on the kitchen wall but to no avail.


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Mar 27, 2004
Dear Denise

I don't know of any alarms, but the gas board will fit an isolating switch or tap in some inconspicuous place so that the cooker will not work until the isolating switch is turned on.

I don't know whether your mum is still looking after herself or if someone is coming in to prepare meals for her. If that is the case an isolating switch could be the answer. If she is doing her own cooking I think you should get the SS involved as soon as possible.

Perhaps the fire service could advise on the possibility of alarms.

Sorry I can't be of more help.