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Funny, not funny, but .....


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Nov 26, 2018
Portsmouth, South Coast
I sometimes have to have a giggle at what my OH comes out with. I'm not giggling at him but what the unwanted lodger in his head says.

The latest offering is:
"I've just had a thought.
We must be only one of the people that have been around the whole of their lives."

I'm still trying to fathom out the meaning but it's frying my brain so I'll let it rest.

Old Flopsy

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Sep 12, 2019
The crazy things they say lol.

I said to OH (83) 'I bet you are glad you no longer have to go to work'. He replied 'I should think not I'm 95 now!'

I asked him how old I am now (76)- he replied 'you must be 44 by now'.

Hhhm- not with this face lol!


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Feb 22, 2018
My husband worked all his life at the same factory. We were watching a Euro Football match when he spotted Ronaldo. He said. 'I remember him, he used to come up to our factory from time to time to play for us.'
I said 'Did he?'
But when Portugal got knocked out of the competition I wasn't surprised, after training with my husband's cricket team at the factory