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Funny in retrospect


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Feb 11, 2020
My father had a tough day yesterday. Woke us up at 3am calling that he had a nosebleed, something he is prone to (and on blood thinners). Went into his room to find it looking like a murder scene - his pyjama top was soaked and it was running down his arms where he was holding a flannel to his face. After a surprisingly brief wait on NHS 111, an ambulance arrived and I accompanied him down to A&E (which was pretty calm). He was seen fairly quickly and was home before lunch. Anyway, I digress...

The disturbed sleep knocked him for six and he dozed on and off most of the day. I eventually told him he was going to bed (I've started lying about the time otherwise he thinks it's too early) at 7.30pm and got him in (the breezy and sunny weather had dried all the clean bedding although the carpet will need replacing).

At midnight, his bed alarm went off and we ran in to find him in his bathroom, pyjama bottoms around his ankles, tangled up. He kept asking me to give him a list of my customers (no idea what that means) and I helped him dress again and back into bed, which took an awfully long time as he's incredibly slow at the moment (Parkinson's). Had just got him in and tucked up when he cried out "Don't leave me!". At first, I thought he was in distress but it turned out that he hadn't actually been to the toilet when we first came in and still needed to go. Back out of bed and successful toilet mission made. Could do without a third night of disturbed sleep myself but it was nice to spend at least some of this lockdown actually at home.

nae sporran

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Oct 29, 2014
A pretty scary and difficult few days, @spandit.
Which blood thinner is your dad on? My partner was changed from warfarin to Rivaroxaban which makes her less prone to nose bleeds. Sorry, it there is a reason your dad can't take it. I just hope he has a quieter night tonight for both your sakes.


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Oct 5, 2013
I’m on Riveroxaban. As soon as I started on it I came out in bruises! Much better now though. Just wish it would do the job, getting rid of my DVT!


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Aug 1, 2014
Victoria, Australia
ask for Epixiban much better for self regulating
My husband has been on warfarin for many years. He has had an internal bleed and several nose bleeds that required a stay in hospital.

There was a discussion about switching him on to the other medication but the problem was that warfarin can be reversed quite quickly by using Vitamin K. The other medication have no reversals which for my husband in the case of emergency would not be practical. So he has stayed on the warfarin but is fairly stable.