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Fundraising through recycling


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Mar 4, 2006
South Wales
For those of us who are not able or inclined for these treks, runs, etc, but who are keen to help the Society as well as the environment through recycling, what products can we donate & where/how?

I currently have a pot full of used stamps.
I give aluminium foil to a local Scout Group
I send used ink cartridges to "Tommies"
A local school is keen to have my old mobile phone

But I would rather AS benefited from my efforts.

Alix Wooding

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Mar 6, 2006
Hi Pembie,

I'm Alix and I work in the corporate fundraising team. Thanks for thinking of new ways that you can help the Society. We're currently looking into launching a mobile phone and ink cartridge recycling scheme - there's quite a few different operators out there, and they all work in slightly different ways, so we want to make sure we get a good deal out of it.

But we are planning to have it up and running as soon as we can, so do save your cartridges and phones for us!

Kind regards,


Alix Wooding

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Mar 6, 2006
Hi Pembie,

We're just in the stage of getting quotes at the moment, and comparing the different companies who can help us run the recycling service. When we have decided which one to go with, we hope to run it nationally as it will be more economical that way - so any branch who wants to be involved can be.

Kind regards,

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
The Penny Pot

I usually 'pay with plastic', so 'loose change' is not often an issue. Today I shopped at the local 'precinct' and found I paid £2.99, £1.99 etc for various bits and pieces. I was so in a hurry to get to mum with her goodies I felt like saying 'keep the change, it's only a penny.' (Then I think about trying to live on Carer's Allowance - I know things are very different for everyone....)

But whatever happened to the 'collecting' pots in shops? (You know, the sealed containers you can drop your change into?)

Don't charities think they're viable anymore?

I gave 20p to the Salvation Army guy today who was stood out in the rain and when I refused to take a copy of the War Cry for my donation he told me God blessed me twice! I felt so humbled. There are so many people out there helping so many others.... I know prime time TV ads etc make money (I actually work for a charity when I'm not on leave), mass leaflet drops and direct debiits are technolgical advances in procuring money ... maybe I'm just old-fashioned.. but to me they are also EASY ways of collecting money... from people to whom giving £3 per month matters little...

Saving stamps, recycling anything used type activity I love - it shows thought and effort - and often compassion for the environment as well as the cause the proceeds are intended for.....

Wanna help! (Promise to get down from the soapbox!!!)


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Mar 27, 2006
Collection tins

Hello Tender Face

My name is Yvonne and I work supporting our branches and regional offices with their fundraising activities.

I agree with you, collection tins can be a very effective way of fundraising by saving those extra pennies, and am delighted that you are so passionate about helping the Society in this way.

On our website there are contact details for your local branch, I would recommend that you contact them and discuss the possibility of having collection tins in your local area. I am sure they will be delighted to hear from you!

Best regards

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