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Fundraising through driving lessons.


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Oct 9, 2007
Dear sirs
I have tried on a few occasions to get support for fundraising through a small donation from driving lessons. I had hoped to get car-stickers etc to advertise the fact but after phone calls and visits to the office in Hemel Hempstead I have had no luck. Any advice anyone?


Registered User
Jun 8, 2006
Car Stickers

Hi Mark,

Raising money from driving lessons sounds like a great idea! And it just so happens that we have a box of car stickers sitting in our stock room at central office.

Please could you contact Ama Guron in our Events Team on agill@alzheimers.org.uk as she will need to know your address and how many you would like.

Thank you so much for supporting Alzheimer's Society in this way.

Best wishes,

Events Fundraising Officer