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Fundraising Story


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Dec 3, 2021
Hello! My name is Simon and I have spent 15 years working in the care sector. I was lucky enough to attend some seminars including one by David Sheard. This opened my eyes to how dementia care should be and confirmed that I was doing things the right way even though I thought of myself as a friend rather than a carer, no us and them…just us. This ignited a passion in me and I wanted to do all I could to help those living with dementia. Soon I transferred the care home from a clinical empty home into a “home” with comforts, sensory item, pictures, books, games, you name it! It had everything a dementia friendly home should have. I was also enrolled on a dementia care coach course and was in the first wave of dementia friend’s champions. I worked my socks off to make as many dementia friends as I could and to educate my colleagues with tips and tricks of how to effectively look after those in their care. I eventually moved onto a different project at a different care home and helped establish a CST group for which we were humbled to win a care award. Then COVID hit. Along with deaths of those in our care and those close to our hearts, I suffered my own personal issues that left me in the darkest place I’ve ever been in. The dream and hope of something better to come one day kept me going because there is always hope and no one can take that away from us. I stared over again but this involved me giving up my beloved career in care work. I was still healing myself when I started the job and still with COVID as the backdrop to our lives. I set up a club for the students based on one of my strange hobbies……toy photography. For the geeks and nerds out there who love pop culture, may have the odd toy on their office desk or keep a figure in its mint condition packaging. I wanted to take things further and take these action figure outside and put them in a different environment and take pictures of them, mainly to make people laugh. So, at this club I have had a small group of dedicated students crafting these photographs for a desktop calendar for 2022. Finally, we have the physical copies and have been selling them with some of the proceeds going to Alzheimer’s Society. We will hopefully sell them all and have a donation ready for you in January! I also have plans to start up my dementia friends session again in 2022, helping the students gain a better understanding of dementia. I hope you have enjoyed this short story and our little creative project. I have included some photographs including baby yoda with his dementia friends badge 😊.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas


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