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fundraising ideas


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Jan 20, 2007
N Ireland

I'm getting married this year in July 2007 and I would like to do something special to remember my Dad who died of Alzheimers in 2003.

I have had an idea regarding wedding favors. My finance and I think that the traditional ones are a waste of money which most people leave behind anway, however I am trying to think of a way in which I can remember my dad with a special moment during the day, donate money to alzeimers and also not make things to "sad" for my guests.

My thought is for my fiance and I to donate ~£300 to Alzheimers research, investigate if Alzeimers can produce custom scratch cards with our wedding details which we can give to all our guests which would have the Alzeimers logo on it. We would then have 3 or 4 prizes for lucky guests which I would hope to get complimentary from my wedding suppliers eg: bouquet of flowers, meal for two, beauty treatment... (I dont think such a service exists for any charities at the moment, so I might have to do it all myself...)

I think that many brides-to-be in my case would seriously be interested if a service like this was available - as it is becoming more popular for donations to charity instead of wedding favors, however in this way i think it is also adding a bit of fun also to the day.

I would be very interested in anybodies thoughts or opinions or advice. I really do believe this could be a novel way to fund raise and also tap into the very lucrative wedding market.

Any help appreciated


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Mar 4, 2006
South Wales
Hi wedding girl,

What a lovely idea, especially designating research for your donation.

Another suggestion - ask your guests to leave a memory on the www.millionmemories.org.uk, which includes the opportunity to donate to the Million Memories campaign.

Hope you have a wonderful day and married life.


PS As a former carer of your Dad have you thought of joining the QRD consumer network - for further information, there is a link on the Society's Home page

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