Fund raising in school


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Jul 29, 2003
Hi all,

I am 'running' the Great South Run this year in aid of the Alzheimer's Society.

In an effort to boost fund raising, and also to raise awareness I am doing a series of assemblies in school (11-16) - I'm a teacher.

My personal experience of Alzheimer's was from my late mother developing early onset Alzheimer's in the mid 1980's, when comparatively little was known about it.

What key points would you like to see raised with young people? I don't want to scare or upset them in any way, but would like to put to rest a few of the old wives' tales that seem to exist around the condition.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer



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Apr 1, 2003
Approacing childer

This may help:

My first hand experience is that kids are suprisingly understanding these days, don't know if its TV or something they put in the water but they just seem to except adult things a lot better.

Hopefully you'll get a few more educated pointers from someone else? and good luck with the Great South Run - do you have any details on the run website etc?