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FTD and placing objects in mouth


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Nov 2, 2006
South East
I remember when first learning about FTD, reading about sufferers placing objects in thier mouths. I witnessed Mum doing this for the first time yesterday. After lunch she began to rip small pieces of paper from an envelope on the table, placing them in her mouth and chewing them. She saw nothing wrong with this until I asked her what she was doing, at which point she spat them out like a toddler would saying yuk.

Does this indicate a new stage of the illness for Mum?


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi blacksheep, sorry no info on this, not something that I have come across personally, although I have read about it.

As to 'another stage', I find it hard to place Lionel in any particular stage, but certainly have gone through lots of different phases. It seems that you just figure one thing out when something else takes it's place.

Still it gives me something new to 'moan' about. I am sure someone here on TP will have something positive for you soon. Take care of yourself,

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