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Frontal Temporal lobe dementia


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Mar 4, 2013
Auckland...... New Zealand
My Mum 74 has moderate Alzheimers diagnosed 2013. MMSE score was 19/30
Her brain MRI scan was within normal age limits.

Dad 77 was referred to a memory clinic mid last year by his GP.
Was diagnosed with MCI. MMSE score was 24/30 They said he did not have dementia, but asked me if he was depressed as his mood was very flat and was very apathetic. Dad has always been like that. He has 2 moods... angry or jovial
They did another test which may be Addenbrookes and said memory wise he wasn't too bad for his age but had trouble with visuo/spatial awareness. They said he scored 74/100

Dads brain MRI scan was in worse shape than Mums.
Moderate atrophy in both frontal lobes. Ischemic changes ( smoker of 60yrs) and another area which they attributed to possibly from his days as an amateur boxer from his mid teens to mid 20's.

If your spouse or someone you are caring for has FTL Dementia, would you mind sharing their symptoms, general behaviour etc. Was their personality before diagnosis the same but worsened with FTL dementia?
Dads MCI diagnosis was no surprise to us, and in fact we have wondered for many a year if his boxing days attributed a lot to his behaviour and personality. So many aspects of Dad fit FTL though?

Our Memory Clinic Team said they would follow up in 6months, but they haven't.
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Sep 23, 2008
There is a lot of information on FTD at the support group website http://www.ftdsg.org/
which may be of assistance to you. My mum, who has since died, was diagnosed with vascular dementia but I think she also FTD but I did not find out about all this until too late. It is not so much the treatment, as there does not seem to be much available anyway, but understanding why the specific difficulties are happening and also finding out how others in the same boat are coping.
Hope it helps,