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Front door


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Nov 4, 2015
Hi does anybody know of any door sensors that will remind mum to shut her front door, she often leaves it open/unlocked. Bless her as soon as she passes it shuts it straight away its never left open for long and luckily she lives in a safe area however you never know. We have a sign next to the door saying 'LOCK THE DOOR'

So I was thinking something like a fridge alarm that makes a noise untill you shut it. Or does anybody know of any doors that can get fitted that are self locking?

I have read on an old thread on here that you can get UPV doors that lock as soon as you shut them which would help and the person inside can always get out however my main concern at the minute is that shes leaving the door open


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Dec 20, 2009
Wembley, Middlesex

I have noticed you have not received a response to your message.

If your mum's front door is a wooden then there is a special hinge that can be installed so that the door automatically shuts behind you, just like a fire door. However, the problem with this scenario is you do not want your mum locked out of her home.

I do not know whether you could do something similar with PVC doors.

As regards a door sensor making a noise you are obviously relying on your mum recognising what the sound is, and there is no guarantee that this may work.

Hope other people are able to provide you with more ideas.