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Freelance activities coordinator


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Feb 4, 2013
Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I currently work in community care as a healthcare assistant and during my time working in this sector, I have come to realize how passionate I am about helping clients to access activities and to enable them to still do the things they use to enjoy. It upsets me that so many of the service users are so lonely and depressed because they no longer feel like they have any sense of meaning since growing older or becoming ill. I want to be able to spent more time with them and help them to find ways of accessing activities to bring them a sense of achievement and meaning. For example, a lady who used to enjoy singing and was in a choir, how possible would it be for me to take her out to a singing group or even take my karaoke machine to her house. I have so many ideas but when I speak to people about my ideas they say how it is not possible because of funding or other legalities. Does anyone do freelance activities that involves visiting people in their own homes? Does anyone think it is a need?
Any replies greatly appreciated :)