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Forth coming assessments -- opinions sought


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Mar 13, 2012
The social worker is planning to carry out a care assessment next month of my mum. This is after saying she wanted us "off her books".

She has asked for the advocate she insisted we secure for my mum (but never explained why she thought my mum needed it or what the advocate should do) be present at the assessment.

The advocate has just been at our house and has told me that she does not believe my mum has capacity and feels a best interests meeting should be convened. She also told me that that social worker had said SS wouldn't intervene until there was a crisis.

How do I at this assessment get the social worker to accept we're at breaking point? That the fact my mum is still very verbal doesn't equate to capacity? That while she's saying she's cooking, cleaning and taking care of the house she's actually in bed all day and doesn't change her clothes from one week to the next? That I'm going bonkers and can't look after her and a sick child? (My 17 year old is quite unwell too and we have no family in this country and all the support we do have is paid for -- carers, cleaners, gardners etc).

Like many of you this has gone on for years. One of the psychiatrists told the woman from Age UK in March 2015 Ma didn't have capacity. I was told the same thing in 2013. I don't understand why social services persist in saying she has capacity.


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi Boldredrosie
well, interesting that the advocate insisted upon by the SW agrees with you and has stated that to you - I'd be asking the advocate to go immediately back to the SW with her findings and her advice that a best interests meeting be called - hopefully she picked up from you just how much this is affecting you and will make that clear too

in the meantime, as much as you can, keep a daily record of exactly what your mum does and doesn't do, all the care provided, and all that you think is still not dealt with - or just do this for certain days; I appreciate this is a lot to ask of you when you are also looking after your children - you are doing so well to stand up for your mum

very best wishes