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forgotton password


Registered User
Apr 26, 2006
can i say a Big thank you to Sylvia and Brucie
my computor crashed a few weeks ago i had forgotten my password for tp
i was lost without being able to share things with you all
but Sylvia helped and asked around for me your way worked Brucie Thanks a million


Registered User
Apr 26, 2006
Thanks so much all

so so glad to be back
i have missed you all so much
it might sound silly but talking on tp i dont feel so alone
i would not wish this illness on any one but no one understands more than us who are caring first hand for some one we love
i have felt so so alone without you all
right get your daft head on bel i can laugh now telling you all
hubby is helping to re vamp our shop i need to make him feel special and still capable AS YOU ALL KNOW --not stupid as the public round me seem to think
just forgetful clumsy etc --on the first day he opened a tin of paint to see what colour it was white --put lid on loosely shoock it up i was in shop - next minuete he shouts bas---paint every where all over him and everthing bel to the rescue
cleaned him off first still got a lot of work to do in shop but wait while i am cleaning floor tops etc he is as happy as a sand boy painting everything white
we hugged so if any one wants any thing painted make sure the lid is on tight love bel xx


Registered User
Jan 4, 2006
Pleased you are back Bel - we wondered where you had disappeared to - arent passwords awful, I hate it when I have to phone a bank etc andthey ask what 'what is your password?' - my response is always ' Give me a clue'.
Love Helen


Registered User
Apr 26, 2006
Thanks so much all

so nice of you all to welcome me back
it does mean so much
shop is looking good bob is well pleased good complimants for him of how good it is looking
hope he does not break too many more things he now says i want to move -- and i say hang on i will help -- i have to stop what i am doing sharp cos he cant wait bang there goes another varse we laughed and hugged --white container with arrangment in broken he says we can put a dab of white paint on no one will know
thanks all love bel x

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hi bel. I think Bob was born in the wrong age. When you tell us your stories, I don`t think of Elvis, I think of Charlie Chaplin.:)

Love xx

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