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Forgot POA and Covid vaccine relied on Best Interests decision

nae sporran

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Oct 29, 2014
My lovely wee partner, Christel, is convinced her father made us all immune from every virus under the sun. Once we got to the vaccination centre she started telling everyone and she was afraid another dose would be bad for her. I gave one of the nurses a brief medical history including the stroke and the TIA but forgot the Dementia. She worked out that C had memory problems and asked if I had POA. Of course, I didn't put two and tow together and left it at home. So, she got a supervisor to make a best interest decision on the spot with my consent.
So, Christel has her first dose and that gives her a fighting chance. Just a warning in case it helps speed the process for someone as we were in there about an hour with the queuing and the checking.


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Sep 9, 2018
Mid Lincs
My OH had his vaccine on Sunday and I wouldn't have thought about the POA if my brother hadn't have mentioned it. I took it with us but it wasn't required. My OH can't speak any more so I answered for him and they asked me if he was willing and I said yes but never questioned if I had the right to answer for him. I will take it again for his second dose just in case.
I must say it was all very well organised and all went very smoothly.